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Our Clients Include:

1 Stop, Parker, Kansas - Environmental - (SPCC Plan)
A&E Custom Fabricating, Kansas City Kansas – Training and Environmental Assistance
Advanced Aviation, New Century, KS – Environmental (SPCC and Stormwater Plans)
AG Partners – Iowa – Integrity Testing – 3 locations
Alex Masson, Linwood, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan and Five Year Review)
Allen County, Kansas – Public Works – Environmental (SPCC Plan) and Storm Water Plans
Alliance AG, Haviland KS – Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Andale Ready Mix – Wichita, Kansas – Environmental – SPCC Plan (3), TIER II and FORM R
Aplus Trucking – Wichita, Kansas – Environmental – SPCC Plan, TIER II and SWP Plan
Arrow Forklift, Lenexa, KS – Environmental Services (EPCRA TIER II and FORM R)
Arrow Stage Lines, Kansas City, Missouri – Environmental Review
Atchison County, Kansas – Public Works - Environmental (SPCC Plan and Five Year Review)
AV Energy, Dodge City – Environmental Services (13 locations)
Axis Tube and Pipe – Bryan, Texas – Industrial Hygiene Services
Bayer Construction, Manhattan, KS – Integrity Testing of Tanks and 4- SPCC Plans
Bennett Rogers Pipe, Kansas City, KS - Safety and Environmental Assistance
Blish-Mize, Atchison, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan and Five Year Review)
Brittain Machine – Wichita, Kansas – SPCC Plan, TIER II and FORM R
Broderson Manufacturing, Lenexa, Kansas (Environmental Assistance)
Builder's Choice, Topeka, Kansas (6 Locations) (SPCC Plans) and Integrity Testing
Burd and Fletcher, KCMO – Community Right to Know TIER II
Butterfly Aviation, Goodland, Kansas (SPCC Plan, SWP Plan, and Integrity Testing)
Capital Concrete, Topeka, Kansas – Stormwater Plan
Capital City Oil, Topeka, Kansas – Integrity Testing for Four Locations
Castagno Oil, Girard and Pittsburg, Kansas - Environmental - (SPCC Plans)
CENEX – Blackwater – Centerview, MO - SPCC Plan
Central States Thermo King (CSTK) – SPCC Plans for 3 Locations (KS, MO, and OK)
Central Valley AG, Beloit, Kansas – 13 SPCC Plans in locations in Kansas and Nebraska
Chandler Oil, Chanute (3 locations) and Fredonia, Kansas (SPCC Plans)
Cherokee Public Works, Kansas– Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Cheyenne County, Kansas Road and Bridge – SPCC Plans (2) and Integrity Testing
Chuck Henry Sales – Solomon, Ks – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
City of Abilene, Kansas – Environmental (SPCC Plans Airport, Wastewater, and PW)
City of Belleville, Kansas – SPCC Plans for Power Plant and Airport
City of Branson, Missouri – SPCC Plan Training Class
City of Burlington, Kansas – Power Plant, Environmental SPCC Plan
City of Emporia, Kansas – Environmental (SPCC Plan and SWPPP for Airport and Waste Water, Streets – SPCC Plan)
City of Fort Scott, Kansas – Airport, Streets and Wastewater Facility (SPCC Plan and Stormwater Plan)
City of Girard, Kansas – Power Plant and Substations- Environmental (SPCC Plan)
City of Glasco, Kansas – SPCC Plan
City of Horton, Kansas – Power Plant – Environmental (SPCC Plan)
City of Iola, Kansas - Environmental (Two Power Plants and Substations- SPCC Plan and Streets)
City of Jamestown, Kansas – SPCC Plan
City of Manhattan, Kansas - Airport – Environmental – SPCC Plan and  SWP PLAN
City of Neodesha, KS – Environmental (SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing)
City of Osage, KS – Power Plant – Integrity Testing of Steel Tanks
City of Sabatha (3 locations), Sabatha, Kansas - Environmental - (SPCC Plan)
Clay County Public Works, Kansas – SPCC Plan
Clymore Trucking – Independence, Missouri – SPCC Plan
Coffey County Airport – Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Concrete Enterprises – Hutchinson, Kansas – Form R Reporting
Concrete Materials – Merriam, Kansas – Form R Reporting
Concrete Supply of Topeka (Environmental Assistance – 5 SPCC PLANS)
Cox Machine – Wichita, KS – SPCC Plan and SWPP Plans (2 locations)
Crop Productions Services – Westboro, MO – SPCC Plan
Crop Services Center– Abilene, KS – SPCC Plan in Three Locations
CS Carey, Kansas City, Kansas – SPCC Plan
D & S Convenience Stop – 2 locations (Ellsworth, Kansas) SPCC PLAN and 5 year review
Dailey AG – Oskaloosa, KS - SPCC Plan
Day and Zimmerman, Parsons, KS – Integrity Testing
Dayton Superior – Kansas City, Kansas – SPCC Plan and Five year review
Delmonte Pet Foods - HAZWOPER Training, Industrial Hygiene, and Program Assistance
Dieker Oil Company – Cottonwoods Falls, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Dodge City Concrete – Dodge City and Garden City – Environmental Assistance
Dodge City Waste Water (CH2M), Dodge City, KS – Environmental (SPCC Plan and TIER II)
Doniphan Electric – Troy, Kansas – SPCC Plan
Dossett Farm – McPherson, KS, Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Double Check Company – Environmental (SPCC Plans – 5 clients – KTA, Twin Valley Electric, Cities – Aurora)
Eakin Enterprises, Hays, Larned and Great Bend – SPCC Plans for locations
Earp Distribution, Kansas City, Kansas – SPCC PLAN and SWP Plan
Ebert Construction, Wamego, Kansas – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Ellis County – Hays, KS – Integrity Testing
Evans Equipment – Concordia, MO, Environmental -SPCC Plan and CAA Permits, and Integrity Testing
Evans Oil – Lawson, MO – SPCC Plan
Exacta – Wichita, KS – Environmental Assistance
Farmers Cooperative (Manhattan, KS) – Integrity Testing for four locations
Farmway Cooperative (Beloit, KS) – 4 location - SPCC Plans and Integrity Testing
Farmway Union Cooperative (Hartington, NE) – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Finney County – Garden City, KS – Integrity Testing
Fischer Concrete Services, Sedalia, MO – TRI Inventory- Form R
Foley Equipment – Wichita, Ks – (KCMO and Topeka) – SPCC PLAN
Gas and Snack – Seneca, Mo – Integrity Testing two locations
Genysis Works – Blue Springs, MO – SPCC Plans
Gier Oil (Eagle Stop – Eldon – 43 Locations – Environmental Assistance, 13 SPCC Plans, 8 SWPP Plans
Graham County – PW – Hill City, KS --SPCC Plan
HAAG & Decker Oil – Environmental (SPCC Plan) and Integrity Testing– 3 locations
Hamm Quarries – Perry, Kansas – SPCC PLANS (4) - Integrity Testing of Steel Tanks
Harrington Oil – Frankfort, KS – SPCC Plan
Harshman Construction – SPCC Plan for Rock Quarries (15 locations)
Heartland Aviation - SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing of Tanks
Heartland Rural Electric COOP - SPCC Plan for 6 locations
Hirt Farm (DAVLAN) – Environmental ( SPCC PLAN)
Hutto Grain – Galena, KS – SPCC Plan
Independence Ready Mix – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
IPL – (Plastic Enterprises) – Lees Summit, SPCC Plan and TIER II Report
Jackson County, Kansas - Road and Bridge – SPCC Plans and Integrity Testing
Jefferson – Leavenworth Electric Co. - Environmental (SPCC Plan) and Integrity Testing
Jefferson County, Kansas - Environmental (SPCC Plans) and integrity testing – 2 locations
JL Houston – Safety and Environmental Program Assistance and SPCC Plan
Jones Oil – Lyons, KS – SPCC Plan
Joplin Concrete, Joplin, MO – Air Permit, TIER II and Form R Reporting
Kansas Electric Power Cooperative (17 Members) - SPCC Plans
Kansas Sand and Concrete - Environmental (SPCC Plans and Five Year Review)
Kansas City Aviation Center (JOCO Executive Airport & Spirit of St Louis) - Environmental and SPCC Plan
Kaw Valley Aviation, Topeka, Kansas – SPCC Plan and SWP Plan
Kaw Valley Electric, Topeka, Kansas – Integrity Testing and TIER II reporting.
King Construction, Oskaloosa, Kansas - Environmental Assistance (SPCC Plan)
Kirk Brown, Russell, Kansas – SPCC Plan
Kay Concrete, Monett, Kansas – TIER II and Form R Preparation
Kramer Oil, Frankfort, Kansas – SPCC Plan
Lake Perry Marina, Perry, Kansas – Integrity Testing
Lancaster Oil, Lancaster, KS – SPCC Plan (including Five Year Review) and Integrity Testing
Langley Recycling – Topeka, KS – Integrity Testing
Leavenworth Asphalt, Leavenworth, KS – Integrity Testing
Leavenworth County, Kansas – Environmental (SPCC Plan) Public Works and Quarry and Integrity Testing
Lincoln County – Lincoln, KS – SPCC Plan (2)
Little Blue Valley Sewer District, Independence, MO – Safety Assistance and SPCC Plan
Logan County R&B, Winona, Kansas – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Manhattan School District, Kansas – Two SPCC Plans
Marlatt Construction Company, Atchison, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan and Five Year Review)
McAllister Transportation, Marion and West Memphis, Ark – Environmental (SPCC Plan and SWP Plan)
MC Aviation – Colby, KS – SPCC Plan
Merles Service Station – Moline, Kansas - Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Metropolitan Topeka Aviation Administration (MTAA), Topeka, Kansas – Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Miami County, Kansas – Road and Bridge and Airport, Environmental (SPCC Plans) and Integrity Testing
Midway Ford Truck Center – KCMO, SPCC Plan
Mid South Steel Products, Cape Girardeau, MO – Safety Program And Environmental Assistance
Midwest Energy – Hays, Kansas, Environmental (SPCC Plans and Five Year)
Million Air – Spirit of St Louis Airport – Safety and Environmental Assistance and SPCC Plan
Million Air – Topeka Airport – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
MJ Murphy Oil Company – Environmental (SPCC Plan and Five Year Reviews and Stormwater Plans) - 5 locations
MO’s Stop and Shop – Linn, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Montgomery County, Kansas (Road and Bridge) – SPCC Plan and Five Year Review
Miller/Old Castle, Kansas City, Missouri - Water Permit Samples and Storm water Plans
Missouri Western State University, St Joseph, MO – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Mueller Construction, Coffeyville, KS – SPCC Plan, Integrity Testing, and TIER II Report
Mutton Creek Marina – Stockton Lake, Missouri – SPCC Plan
Multivac – KCMO, Safety and Industrial Hygiene Assistance
Myers Farms, Colby, KS – SPCC Plan
National Weather Forecast, Wichita, Ks – Indoor Air Quality
*NCS, Shawnee Kansas – OSHA compliance assistance
Nebraska Machinery Company - Omaha, Ne – Assisting 19 facilities in 3 states, SPCC Plans, Integrity Testing and Other Environmental Assistance
Neosho County, Kansas – Public Works - SPCC Plan
NGL Propane – Nortonville, Kansas – Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
Norfolk Iron and Metal – Norfolk, NE, Emporia, Ks, Greeley, CO and Durant, IA - SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing, Stormwater Permit and Plans, and Community Right to Know Reporting
Norris Public Power District – Beatrice, NE (SPCC Plan)
Novation IQ – Lenexa, KS, Environmental Reporting (TIER II and Stormwater Permit and Plan)
O'Riley Oil Company, Hopkin, MO – Environmental (SPCC Plan) and Integrity Testing
Orleans Marina – Stockton, MO – SPCC Plan
P & J Mart, Howard, Kansas - Environmental (SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing)
Paradise Gypsum – Sun City, KS – Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Parallel Farms, Whiting, Ks – Integrity Testing
Peterson Manufacturing – Grandview, MO and Nashville, AR- Environmental (SPCC Plans)
Penny’s Concrete – Environmental for 27 locations including (15- SPCC Plans), SWPP Plans and EPCRA Reports
Platte Clay Electric Cooperative – Kearney, MO – SPCC Plan
Prairie Band, Holton, KS – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing Tanks
Prairie Land Electric, Norton, KS – Integrity Testing
Ramsey Oil – Hutchinson, KS - 5 Locations - SPCC Plans – KS AND OK
Rawlins County, Atwood, KS – SPCC PLANS (3)
REAdy Farm, Bethany, MO – SPCC Plan
Renuel Fuel, KCMO – Integrity Testing
Republic County, KS -  Highway Dept – SPCC Plan
Revere Plastics, Popular Bluff, MO – SPCC Plan
Rimpull Corporation, Olathe, KS - Safety and Environmental Assistance
Roadbuilders Machinery, Kansas City, Kansas –  (SPCC PLAN - five locations – KS, MO and NEB) and EPCRA TIER II reports
Robbie Manufacturing, Lenexa, KS – OSHA Programs and Industrial Hygiene (Noise and Air Sampling)
Robison Oil – Abilene, KS – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Rodgers Oil – Gridley, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan)
ROM Corporation – Belton, MO - Safety and Environmental Assistance
RUCO Products – Blue Springs, MO – Environmental Review
Rude Crude Oil, Hamilton, KS – Production Facility – Environmental (SPCC Plan and five year review and TIER II Reporting)
Saline County, KS Highway Dept, Salina, Ks – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Savage Services - Environmental (SPCC Plans in AR, CA-2, CO, IN, KS-2, LA, MD-2, MI, NV-1, PA-3, TX-3, UT-5, WV and Integrity Testing, Stormwater Plans and TIER II Reporting
Schock Transfer – Kansas City, KS – SPCC Plan and Five Year Review
Schreiner Energy – Olpe, KS - Environmental (SPCC Plan)
Schnoover Oil Company – Mound City, MO - Environmental (SPCC Plans)
Shanks Oil, Independence, KS (SPCC Plan)
Sherman County, KS Public Works, Goodland, KS - (SPCC Plans)
Sho Me Electric, Marshfield, MO – SPCC Plans – (4) and Integrity Testing
ShoLine, Kansas City, Kansas – DOT Training
Sika Corporation, Grandview, Missouri – Environmental Assistance
Sioux Chief Manufacturing, Peculiar, Missouri – (Noise and Air Sampling) – 4 locations
Skymark – Kansas City, KS and Findlay, OH- Environmental Assistance (Air Permit), SPCC Plans for KC and Findlay, OH and Safety Assistance
Southwest Butler Quarry – Augusta, Kansas – SPCC Plan and TIER II
Spencer Farms – Westphalia, Kansas – SPCC PLAN
Spring Hill Oil – Spring Hill, KS – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Springfield Underground – Springfield and Joplin, MO – Integrity Testing
Tension Envelope - Kansas City, Missouri - Safety compliance assistance.
Theis Dozier, Spivey, Kansas – SPCC Plan
Triumph Structures – Grandview, MO, Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Assistance
Twin Creek, Inc., Kingston, MO (SPCC PLAN and 5 year review and Integrity Testing
Utility One Source (Kansas City, Missouri) – MO – 4 Locations, TX – 3 Locations, GA, SD, OK, CO, WI, OH, VA, NJ, NH, NY
Environmental Assistance (SPCC PLAN, SWPP Plan and Air Permit (MACT Standards)
Union Star Convenience, Union Star, Missouri - SPCC PLAN
Unitech, Lees Summit, MO – Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, and Safety Assistance
VERTEX Plastics – Kearney, MO - Safety and Environmental Assistance
Victory Electric – Dodge City, KS, Environmental Assistance (SPCC Plan and Five Year Review)
VP Racing – Manhattan, KS – SPCC Plan
Wanklyn Oil – Frankfort, KS – Integrity Testing and SPCC Plan
Washington County Public Works – SPCC Plan and Integrity Testing
Waubanesse County Public Works – SPCC Plan
We Mac Manufacturing – Safety and Environmental Assistance (Air Permit, Form R and Tier II, SWPPP and SPCC Plan)
Wear Concepts – Liberty, MO – MACT 6X
Wes Recycling - Centerview, KS (SPCC and SWPPP Plans)
Western Chemical Pumps, Olathe, KS (Safety and Industrial Hygiene Assistance)
Wheatland Electric - Garden City, Kansas - SPCC Plan
White River Electric – Branson, Missouri – Integrity Testing
WIESE USA – St Louis – EPCRA TIER II – 28 locations in seven states
Wilson Trucking – Abilene, Kansas – SPCC Plan
Zollicker Oil – Clinton and Warsaw – SPCC Plans
Z W Tech, Kansas City, Kansas – SPCC Plan and Storm Water Plans

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